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Powered by Nodalio v.114

The advantages of modern technology, optimized for Wordpress.

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Server administration basics

You can perform various administration tasks using the Nodalio shortcodes. For example, adding aliases, setting up new sftp users and more.

Adding additional sites

Your server is installed with a single wordpress site you entered during the initial installation. You may add additional aliases and sites by following the guide.

Content caching options

Your server is equipped with the latest caching tools. Nodalio OneCache is pre-activated on each site. If you require additional caching tools you may activate them for every site required.

Server technologies

TYour Nodalio powered server is equipped with the latest technologies, allowing you to run multiple complex sites on any server, easily. The following components are preinstalled and optimized on your server.


The heart of your server is powered by an optimized version of NGINX. NGINX is the future of web servers, and we made it even faster by optimizing it specifically for Wordpress.

Security and Firewall

Your server is secured by Fail2Ban and UFW. We block any repeated unsuccessful connection attempts and DDOS/DOS attacks.

Nodalio OneCache

Our caching solution is pre-activated on every site you install, allowing you to boost performance and achieve higher Google PageScore. No additional caching tools or plugins are required!

Easily grow your server

Nodalio powered server automatically adjusts its configuration based on the server hardware and load. Easily add sites using simple to use shortcodes without messing with system modifications.

Enterprise grade

Your Nodalio powered server, equipped with OneCache, can easily handle traffic spikes. Every component installed on your Nodalio powered server is optimized for maximum security and performance.

Additional caching at no cost

Your Nodalio powered server is equipped with the most advanced caching tools available: Memcached, Redis, Google PageSpeed, Microcaching and more.